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24:35 was inspired by ‘the light verse’ found in the Quran, the name serves as a reference from the chapter and verse known as āyat an-nūr. Its mystical multilayered depth pays homage to the source of light and the oneness of creation, a harmonious concept that resides not only in the Quran but within many Hebrew, Biblical and Sufi texts.

The beauty and imagery of this message prompted our journey within and presented us with a grounding philosophy for all that we design, forever in awe of nature and creation itself.

We believe that design must be experienced. Experiences are personal and our meticulous design process ensures just that. Our designs are often created with age-old timbers, unique marble, vintage treasures and quality craftsmanship. Over the years we developed our very own archive of rare collectables that serve as inspiration, some of which we even integrate within our work.  The result, one of a kind statement pieces of impeccably designed statement furniture, homeware and olfactory home fragrances.


24:35 delivers quality craftsmanship, highly sought after prime materials and a signature story with every piece, born from a uniquely organic journey.

Signature Marble + Wood Collection
24:35 at Dubai Design Week
What Design Means to Us
24:35 Aromatherapy


24:35 Mission - yellow barked acacia tree

We're inspired by nature, so we think its only fair that we give as we receive. Therefore our mission is, that for every piece of furniture we make, we plant 3 indigenous trees. As soon as they are strong enough they are re-planted in local parks and community centres as well as gifted to clients and friends of the brand.

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