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December 04, 2016

Whether it’s fashion or furniture you’re after, Dubai’s shopping scene has never been more interesting.

Hiba Nadeem’s high-end homeware is a treasure trove of gifts. Creating ‘modern heirlooms’ she hopes will stand the test of time, the British-Pakistani designer uses patterns and textures of the natural world (including candles housed inside Himalayan salts). You can find the collection in ConceptMe – which is in Al Quoz (find more info on that space here).

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication," said ­Leonardo da Vinci, a man who knew a thing or two. And yet, as any designer will attest, doing simplicity well can be one of the hardest things of all.

Which is why we’re delighted to have discovered 24:35, a fledgling, Dubai-­based homeware brand that takes its cues from nature and does simplicity very well indeed. Stocked at Concept-Me in Al Quoz, 24:35 made its official debut during this year’s Dubai Design Week – a quiet, unassuming launch befitting of a company built on holistic principles and Sufi-inspired philosophies.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the 24:35 Press Launch at Zebra Square Gallery – and what a feast for the eyes and the senses it was! This designer homeware company is really something special, combining natural materials in the most exquisite way. 

Marble, Serpentine, and Onyx, sit amongst Age old timbers, to name just a few of the incredible materials designer Hiba Nadeem has seamlessly combined within her furniture and homeware pieces. The collection features objects such as platters, stools, tables, wooden sculptures and hand-poured candles, yet every item in her collection has been designed and created with such meticulous care and consideration of their natural state, they are not only beautiful, they are hypnotic...

Local furniture and home accessories brand 24:35 Dubai launched during Dubai Design Week last month. Crafting their unique wares from age-old timbers, marble and vintage materials, the brand prides itself on creating high quality, well-designed statement pieces for the home....

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